Isaac is a little over a year old now but as we have known for some time: he is, literally, the cutest, most perfect baby/toddler in the world. Seriously. I mean, look at him! It is so special to get to watch little ones like Isaac grow up with such good (not to mention, beautiful) people as his parents! These are just a few favorites from right off the top edit, so be assured: there is more where this came from!


I can’t believe it has already been a whole year since sweet Amy girl came into the world! Her parents are so smitten with that little face - I mean, look at those chubby cheeks! Those sweet little teeth popping through are almost too much!

Gahh! i told you so! Isn’t she the cutest!?

We are so happy to capture this little family and to watch Amy grow! We love you guys!


A few weeks ago, we came out of wedding photographer retirement to photograph our dear friends wedding day! We are so thrilled that Daniel has found Anjolie (and her daughter EJ) to spend the rest of thier lives together! The look on his face when he saw her in her dress was priceless! Anjolie was a beautiful bride and Daniel didn’t stop telling her all day! Even though it rained, we were able to find a few spots to get some portraits in between rain showers! We are just so, so happy for them!


It's hard to believe that it's already August! And that school is about to start back!? This summer is flying by! (The heat could fly a little faster in my opinion, but hey!) 

We have stocked the booth with a lot of new goodies here and there! We are excited to be adding some new painted pieces soon! 

The Saturday Market is located at 925 Augusta HWY Thomson, GA 30824! The shop is now open Tuesday - Saturday! We don't man the store but Lucy, the shop owner, is a great help when looking for the perfect piece! 

If you'd like to see the latest and greatest happening over there, you can follow us over on Facebook at H+D Creative (@handdcreative on the grams!) or follow the shop itself on FB at The Saturday Market - Antiques and Uniques! (Or on Instagram at @saturday_market_antiques)


We have loved these girls for so many years! They are truly OUR girls - our family! (Fun fact: They even call us their second Mama and Daddy - even though they have amazing parents of their own!) Since Randi (the older sister) has two littles of her own now, I had to get them behind the camera for a quick little shoot! (Zoe is a perfect aunt to these two baby girls so we had to get her in on the photos too!) I could just smudge those little baby cheeks for days and days!   


We were so excited to photograph our dear friends engagement session for their upcoming wedding! We have known Daniel since he was a young teenager and have been so proud to see the man he has become! He has even be promoted to #1 Dad by Anjoli's little girl, EJ. We are so happy for these two and EJ! There is such a pure happiness when you find the person who completes your little family!  

(I hope you're prepared: EJ's cuteness is about to kill you!)


We have come to an impasse with our old blog and have decided to start anew. For years, we have been blogging under H+D Photography and including a bit of our antiquing adventures as a side note. But now, we plan to share this space equally among my two loves - art and antiques. We can't wait to get started sharing our latest work and getting back to blogging again! Thanks for taking the trip with us to the new H+D Creative!